Get Started Java

Get Started Java

Get Started Java

To start, Java we first have to know the hierarchy of the files involved to make a java program. Java programs or software are the integration of many modules or the packages. So, many programmers can contribute or work together for the single application.

The main files that are essential to start java program are 

  1. Project
  2. JRE System Library
  3. SRC
  4. Package
  5. Class

First, we have to make a project with its name and location. We can also use the default location or can browse the local location. If execution is not taking place smoothly then we can configure JRE as need. Project layout is the hierarchy that will be shown to us while working on the left side. Adding project working set only shows the selected part of a project which helps us to stay focused on it. Then new project is formed after clicking finish button.

JRE System Library is the bundle of all files to support execution and error handling of the program.

SRC is a folder of all modules or packages developed by the programmers.

A package is a wrap up of all the components in the single module which can execute independently.

A class is an encapsulation of all the data members, required functions and the main method to run (optional). Simply it is a java file with extension java. Here we programmers do all the coding.


The first program to display¬†“My first java program”

public static void main(string args[]){

System.out.println(“My first java program”);