np Domain Registration

np Domain Registration

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Domain name is the identification string that authorizes your name, organization, idea, company, etc to the web. The main or root domains are .com, .org, .edu, and .gov. The domain name can be country specific. For example, Australia – au, India – in, Nepal – np. Following are the steps that you have to follow to register your .np domain.

Step 1: signup

Go to signup with your mailing address.

Choose your Domain name, for example: <your-name>, and select categories like, etc and search for your domain name whether it is free or not.


Step 2:

If it is free then fill the form with your full name of contact person, Email, Address, Contact number and server name.Choose your company name if you want to register a domain name for the company or leave it blank for personal domain name

Give correct Server name on the Primary and Secondary Server name


Primary Server : ns1-sam***.net

Secondary Server : ns2-sam***.net

You need to contact host provider for server name or goto Mercantile for the package.

Note: You need to confirm about Server name before submitting, otherwise you will pay extra money to edit a Server name.

Step 3:

Check your form before submit, and click on Save & Continue. Except for telephone and organization name, all fields are required to be filled.

Step 4:

Provide a photo of handwritten application to apply for your required domain along with citizenship photo. Click continue and your required domain is requested to Merchantile for further validation.

Step 5:

Check to same URL to see whether your domain name has been approved or not.

You can even apply or request for multiple domains from single user id.

If all situation is fine for you, then visit your host provider for C-panel and there you can host your website with required files.

And that’s all you are ready to access your website from any corner of the world and spread your knowledge to the world.