Boost Website

Boost Website

  • March 26, 2018

Wanna boost website to high rank in google?

By following some easy steps you can boost website to high rank in search engine optimizer. I have mentioned some steps which you can follow to get the better result.

  1. Define focus keyword

    : Focus Keyword must be unique and short without stopword. It should appear in content at least one time and at most three to four times. Focus Keyword is necessary to appear in SEO title and match with slug and also appear in meta description in the first paragraph.

  1. Content

    : Minimum 300 words

  1. Seo title

  2. Images 

    with alt attributes

  3. Links

    1. Internal links: Interlink your pages.
    2. Outbound links: Link your website from another site

  1. Meta Description:

    Meta description should original or should not be copied from any other sites.

  2. Readability

    1. Use at least one heading and subheading
    2. Paragraphs should not be too long
    3. One sentence can contain 20 words at most
    4. Should not use passive voice as far as possible
    5. Use some transition word
    6. Use simple words and shorter sentence to score higher Flesch reading ease test